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Nafeeseh Sweets

Enjoy the authentic taste of Middle Eastern desserts with a selection of Nafeeseh sweets from Baklawa to date Maamoul, pistachio Maamoul to barazek and ghraybeh at MyJam- the UK’s largest online cultural grocery store, with nationwide delivery.

Nafeeseh Sweets prides itself on using only the freshest and most natural ingredients, and many of their sweets are made by hand using methods passed down through generations. Nafeeseh Sweets has become a go-to brand for those looking for authentic Middle Eastern desserts that are both delicious and high-quality.

Let us tell you more about the most popular  Middle Eastern desserts starting with Ka’ak and Maamoul, which is a traditional dessert that is usually made and eaten during Eid. It comes with different fillings such as dates, pistachio, and walnuts and is sometimes coated with a layer of sugar powder. Moving to Barazek, this is essentially a sesame based cookie that sometimes comes with pistachio flakes in it. Lastly Ghraybeh, which can be considered as the shortbread cookie of the Middle East. It can be plain or topped with one pistachio in the middle.