Order Tom Hixson’s Halal Meat At MyJam

Since 1963, the name Tom Hixson of Smithfield has been synonymous with premium, gourmet meat sourced from Britain and the wider world. The company has carved out a reputation for excellence, specialising in the finest cuts of exclusive beef, including the renowned Wagyu.

This collection of halal meat by Tom Hixson of Smithfield is a tribute to superior taste and craftsmanship. Their Halal Wagyu Rump Steak marries the unrivalled flavour profile of Wagyu breed with the unique attributes of the Shorthorn cross. Raised on Ireland's lush, open pastures and indulged with a chocolate-infused diet in their final months, this steak is a testament to exquisite marbling and nuanced taste.

The brand’s nod to classic American street food, the New York Diner Halal Beef Hot Dogs, are not just food items but an experience, cured and smoked to perfection On the other hand, their Halal Sukiyaki Slices take the dining experience up a notch. Thinly cut from the top sirloin, they offer a distinctive flavour, ideal for Japanese and Korean "hot pot" dishes. Tom Hixson’s Ribeye Steak, individually hand-cut into 200g pieces, and Wagyu Burgers made from prime cut trimmings, elevate any backyard BBQ to a gastronomic affair.

With MyJam, you can order your favourite cuts from Tom Hixson with more of your halal groceries and get them delivered to your door wherever you are in the UK.