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Established in 1992, by the Haddad brothers. Dina Foods has been the UK's heart and soul of artisan Mediterranean cuisine. From cherished traditional recipes to the finest of ingredients, the company's commitment to quality and innovation has seen it grow from a family-run venture to a market leader, loved by customers in the UK and beyond.

Dina Foods' bakery collection is a celebration of diverse Mediterranean flavours. Whether it's the Lebanese flatbread, the wholesome wholemeal pitta, or the delightful lavash Markouk, each bread is a testament to authentic craftsmanship. These healthy stone oven baked breads are  naturally low in salt and contain no additives or colouring.

And let's not forget the decadent desserts like Mamoul and Baklawa, which take you on a sweet journey through the Mediterranean. Each handcrafted by expert confectioners with carefully selected ingredients to ensure satisfaction in every bite.

But that's not all Dina Foods has to offer. In addition to their bakery and dessert ranges, they provide an enticing selection of deli items and side dishes. Add depth to your meals with traditional hoummos, or the smoky flavours of Baba Ghanoush. The Kibbe, a favourite in Middle Eastern cuisine, and Fatayer, a signature stuffed pastry, are also part of this delightful collection.

Their offerings extend to a diverse range of dates, from plain to stuffed, and even ones covered in chocolate. These naturally sweet, nutritious gems are the perfect finishing touch to your meals or a delicious snack to enjoy anytime.

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