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Lamb Ribs & Racks

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Lamb Chops, Neck & Shoulders

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Minced Lamb

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Lamb Cubes (Curry Cuts)

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Lamb Shanks & Legs

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Kafta, Shawarma & Stuffed Roast

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Lamb Fillet

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Lamb Offals

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Half & Whole Lamb

Buy Fresh Halal Lamb At MyJam

At MyJam there’s over 50 different fresh halal lamb products for you to choose from, everything from lamb mince to a whole halal lamb. It’s all available to order online for home delivery, wherever you are in the UK.

We source our range of halal lamb from some of the best butchers in London, names like Tariq Halal and Green Valley, so you can be assured of the best quality. 

Explore our extensive collection of halal lamb. Our lamb ribs and racks are perfect for grilling or roasting, guaranteeing a taste that is sure to thrill your taste buds. 

The chops, neck, and shoulders offer a flavourful mix of lean meat and succulent fat, whilst the lamb shanks and legs are juicy and tender, perfect for slow-cooked meals and Sunday roasts.

For those who love to experiment with their food, our minced lamb and lamb fillets provide a versatile option, lending themselves beautifully to a wide variety of dishes. Our selection of lamb offal, including liver, kidney, and hearts, caters to the true meat connoisseur, offering the rich, deep flavours that these parts are known for. The curry cuts, or lamb cubes, are ideally cut for a hearty stew or your favourite curry. Also, don't miss out on our seasoned lamb varieties, including shawarma, kofta kebab, and more. They are ready to cook and perfect for hassle-free, yet delicious meals.

On selected items you can tell us exactly how you want it prepared. On or off the bone, whole or cut in pieces… it’s all up to you. 

When preparing to send you your order, we pack your fresh meat with the best ice packs and insulated packaging to ensure it keeps perfectly chilled while it’s on its way to you. 

This great range of halal lamb is all just part of the wide range of fresh halal meat on offer at MyJam. We’ve got over 200 choice cuts of halal beef, chicken, veal and more to choose from.  There’s also a range of frozen halal products,  and cold cuts as well as halal hotdogs  so you can shop for all your halal groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you halal certified?

Absolutely. We hold extremely high standards. All of the halal butchers we work with are well respected and hold halal certification too.

What’s different from my nearest halal butcher?

You’ll find it hard to see the same wide range of fresh halal meat at your local butcher. But the advantage of shopping at MyJam for your halal groceries and cultural foods is that you can have everything delivered to your door. We can save you time by doing your shop for you.

How is the halal meat prepared?

All of the fresh halal meat you buy from MyJam is sealed at the butcher. That means it comes to us from our partner butchers  pre-packed or vacuum sealed.

How do you ensure the halal meat delivery stays fresh?

When your order is dispatched from MyJam the fresh meat is kept insulated with special ice packs and packaging to keep it cool in transit. It will arrive at your home perfectly fresh. All you need to do is transfer it to your fridge.

Where does MyJam offer halal food delivery?

We deliver nationwide in the UK. So whether you’re based in London or Liverpool, Birmingham… Glasgow, perhaps even Norwich, we’ll deliver your whole grocery shop to your door.