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Baklava , Ghraybeh & Barazek

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Ka'ak & Maamoul

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Basbousa & Konafeh

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Turkish Delight

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The desserts from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions are a delightful experience for both the palate and the senses. With a culinary heritage spanning centuries, these areas have crafted a wide range of sweet confections that are not only delicious, but also carry deep cultural meaning. Whether it's Baklava, Kunafeh, or Maamoul, these desserts present a distinctive and opulent taste that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Classic Desserts of the Middle East

Baklava or Baklawa is a classic Middle Eastern, Turkish and Greek dessert, with layers of flaky phyllo pastry that are filled with chopped nuts, such as pistachios or walnuts, and drizzled with honey or syrup. The special type of phyllo dough used in Baklava is thinner and more delicate than regular phyllo pastry, which gives it a unique texture and flavour. 

Kunafeh is another popular dessert in the Middle East. It's made with shredded pastry dough, called Kataifi. The shredded pastry is baked until crispy and golden, then filled with sweet cheese and drenched in sweet syrup. The result is a dessert that's crispy, gooey, and syrupy all at once, making it one of the most loved desserts across the Middle East.

Qatayef: A Ramadan Favourite

Qatayef is another Middle Eastern dessert that has become a staple during the month of Ramadan. This mouthwatering delicacy features a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior, stuffed with an array of delectable fillings such as walnuts, pistachios, or sweet cheese. The edges are then sealed to keep the goodness inside before it is fried to golden perfection! 

Basbousa: The Syrup Cake from Egypt and the Levant

We can’t forget the popular dessert of the Egyptian and Levantine regions -  the basbousa, a moist and syrupy cake  made with semolina flour, yoghourt and sugar, and is often topped with sliced almonds or coconut. The cake is soaked in a sweet syrup, which gives it its signature moist texture and sweet flavour.

Maamoul: A Traditional Cookie for Festive Occasions

Maamoul is a  traditional Middle Eastern cookie that's usually served during festive occasions such as Eid. The dough is made with semolina flour, butter and yeast, and filled with a sweet and fragrant date paste or ground pistachios. They are often shaped into intricate designs using special moulds, making them a beautiful addition to any dessert platter.

Lokum: A Real Turkish Delight!

Turkish Delight, or Lokum as it’s also known,  is a candy-like confection that's made from gelatin and cornstarch, flavoured with rosewater or other essences, and dusted with powdered sugar. It's a staple in Turkish cuisine, often served with tea and coffee, and comes in a variety of colours and flavours.

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