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Order Iraqi Food From Al Enam Restaurant Online At MyJam 

Established in 2009, Al Enam Restaurants emerged with a mission to bring the delightful taste of Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine to London. As a family-run business, Al Enam has remained true to its vision, providing exceptional food and promoting the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Discover their diverse collection of frozen foods, including Lamb Shawarma, Grilled Chicken Kabab, and Ghormeh Sabzi. Enjoy appetisers including cheese, chicken and vegetable samosa, as well as Grilled Kibbe, Kibbe Bourghol Sandwich, Kibbe Potato Chap and more. Or explore their range of traditional Iraqi desserts and flavorful sauces.

Convenience meets authenticity with Al Enam's partnership with MyJam. Order your favourite Al Enam dishes from the comfort of your home and experience the true essence of Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine.