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That Fat Cow Halal Meat - MyJam

That Fat Cow Halal Meat

Established with the goal of taking the halal beef industry to the next level, That Fat Cow is for people who are looking for high quality halal beef.

They dry-age their own grass-fed UK meat, and get the best grain-finished steaks from the US, Chile, Australia and Japan. Great care is taken to make sure all their meat is sourced from farms who prize humane animal treatment, have no antibiotics, no added hormones or growth promotants and use 100% vegetarian diets.

Now you can get a range of That Fat Cow products for nationwide home delivery as part of your regular cultural grocery shop with MyJam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grass Fed Meat?

Meat from cattle feeding on grass. It has a high degree of the healthy omega-3 fats in it. It also has less of the unhealthy saturated fat that is shown to be harmful to humans. Saturated fats are shown to increase the dangerous LDL cholesterol and are related to cardiovascular diseases.

What is Dry Ageing Beef?

Dry ageing is a process that involves hanging freshly slaughtered beef in a temperature-controlled environment for anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months or more before being trimmed and cut into steaks. During this process, naturally-occurring chemical changes, including bacterial, enzymatic breakdown, and oxidation, cause the meat to become more tender and flavorful. It is the depth of flavor and tenderness that creates value and sets dry-aged beef apart from what is found in the average grocery store.

What Is Ex-Dairy Beef

Ex-dairy beef refers to beef that is sourced from cattle that have previously worked in the dairy industry and then retired on pasture for a period of time ranging from four to twelve months before being processed. This allows for the development of a unique flavor that makes the meat stand out from regular beef.

What is the difference between ex-dairy and regular beef?

The main difference between dairy cattle and beef cattle is their physical characteristics and intended use. Dairy cattle are primarily bred for their ability to produce milk, which requires a higher energy expenditure than building muscle mass. This results in a thinner, more angular body type compared to beef cattle, which are bred for their meat and have stockier bodies with more fat and muscle.

What sets ex-dairy beef apart is the extended retirement period these cattle are given, which is much longer than normal farming practices. During this time, the cattle are allowed to graze on grass and develop a marbling of fat and muscle, which contributes to the unique and delicious flavor of the meat. Additionally, the stress-free environment provided by the extended retirement period can lead to a better quality of meat.