Collection: Fresh Halal Beef

Buy Fresh Halal Beef At MyJam

If you’re after quality halal beef delivered to your door, then you’ve come to the right place. At MyJam you’ll find a wide range of fresh cuts from some of the best butchers in London, like Tariq Halal, Green Valley, Tom Hixson and That Fat Cow. You can buy your fresh halal beef with the rest of your favourite cultural groceries, all  in one shop. 

We understand that everyone has their preference when it comes to cuts of beef, which is why we offer such an assortment to satisfy your culinary desires. For those in need of beef cubes and strips, we have succulent pieces ideal for stews, stir-fries, or kebabs. Our beef steaks are a must-try, available in a variety of cuts and grades, including succulent sirloin, tender ribeye, and luxurious tomahawk steaks. For the adventurous palate, we offer premium quality beef offal that includes liver and stomach. 

Looking for the perfect centrepiece for your dinner table? Try our prime beef fillet or majestic roast beef that melts in your mouth. You will also appreciate our collection of fine halal meat,  which includes halal dry aged beef, aged to perfection for a richer, more robust flavour. And for the discerning diner, we provide exquisite halal wagyu beef, famed for its exceptional marbling and unmatched tenderness. For more everyday meals you’ll find a range of halal beef mince, and burgers . We’ve even got halal beef bacon too!  No matter your preference, we have the perfect cut for you.

We offer one of the largest ranges of halal meat online. Take a look at our  halal chicken, lamb, mutton, veal and much more. It’s all fresh and available for home delivery, wherever you are in the UK. We ensure all fresh and frozen items are  insulated with ice packs and special packaging to keep them perfectly cool when they’re on their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you halal certified?

Absolutely. We hold extremely high standards. All of the halal butchers we work with are well respected and hold halal certification too.

What’s different from my nearest halal butcher?

You’ll find it hard to see the same wide range of fresh halal meat at your local butcher. But the advantage of shopping at MyJam for your halal groceries and cultural foods is that you can have everything delivered to your door. We can save you time by doing your shop for you.

How is the halal meat prepared?

All of the fresh halal meat you buy from MyJam is sealed at the butcher. That means it comes to us from our partner butchers  pre-packed or vacuum sealed.

How do you ensure the halal meat delivery stays fresh?

When your order is dispatched from MyJam the fresh meat is kept insulated with special ice packs and packaging to keep it cool in transit. It will arrive at your home perfectly fresh. All you need to do is transfer it to your fridge.

Where does MyJam offer halal food delivery?

We deliver nationwide in the UK. So whether you’re based in London or Liverpool, Birmingham… Glasgow, perhaps even Norwich, we’ll deliver your whole grocery shop to your door.