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Order Al Dimashqi Products Online At MyJam

Step into a collection of products from Al Dimashqi - a popular high street supermarket with branches in the heart of London’s Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington. You’ll find a range of quality cooking ingredients and natural snacks that will excite your taste buds.

Discover sun-dried tropical fruits like kiwi, papaya, and mango, packed with vibrant tastes and wholesome goodness. Experience the delight of moreishly flavoured nuts with varieties like smoked almonds, honey cashew and more. 

Spice up your meals with seeds, and seasonings from tangy citric acid to fragrant cardamom and crunchy sesame seeds. From almonds to Chinese pine nuts, pecans and walnuts, there’s also a selection of raw nuts  for snacking or adding to your cooking. Enjoy ground pistachio's luxurious touch, when creating delicious traditional desserts like baklava.

Shopping for Al Dimashqi products is a breeze with MyJam, your online gateway to the largest selection of cultural groceries.