Buy Cyprofood Products At MyJam

Since 2007, Cyprofood has grown into a reputable Mediterranean food brand, committed to quality and diverse taste experiences. From pickles to dairy, jarred foods and unique treats, Cyprofood's offerings span a wide range of food categories, each carefully curated for quality and flavour.

Cyprofood's collection at MyJam features a range of pickles, including chilli pepper and mini gherkins, offering that tangy kick to brighten your meals. The mixed vegetable pickle is another delicious choice, perfect for those who enjoy an exciting blend of flavours.

In the jarred food category, the artichokes in oil, garlic salad and sun-dried tomatoes are hard to resist. These items are carefully prepared and jarred to preserve their fresh, rich flavours, ready for you to enjoy at any time.

Cyprofood's dairy collection is a delight for cheese and yoghurt lovers. The tangy feta cheese, grilled cheese, and Greek-style yoghurt are made with traditional methods and high-quality ingredients, ensuring an authentic Greek taste.

Shopping for Cyprofood products is now more convenient with MyJam. You can easily add these Mediterranean foods to your regular grocery shop, and have them delivered to your door.