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Zaitoune Sweets

Zaitoune Premium Turkish Delight 250G

Zaitoune Premium Turkish Delight 250G

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Savour the essence of Turkey with Zaitoune's Premium Turkish Delight. In this 250g pack, you'll find traditional, chewy delights with crunchy nuts dusted with powdered sugar. A blend of fruity, floral, and aromatic flavours awaits you. Ready to be enjoyed with your evening tea or as a sweet snack.

Sugar, Water, Pistachio, Corn Starch, Chewing Gum, Colorant (E-124), Aroma (Coconut, Pomegranate, Rose, Chocolate), Citric Acid (E 330)

• Does not contain transgenic elements.
• This product may contain wheat gluten nuts and dairy products.
• In a cool and dry place, below (20 -15)° Condition,  keep out of the sun.

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