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Asian Grocery Online

Take a journey through the vibrant flavours of Asia with MyJam's Asian grocery collection. Our range of popular foods will allow you to recreate the authentic tastes and textures of the region's diverse cuisines. This all-encompassing assortment is your passport to explore the delights of the East, right in your own kitchen.
Asia's culinary heritage is as diverse as its geography, with each region boasting its own unique blend of ingredients, techniques, and cultural influences. At the heart of these cuisines are the authentic spices that give each dish its unmistakable taste, such as the fiery Thai 7 spices and the aromatic Chinese 5 spices. The collection also features a variety of noodles, ranging from the ever-popular instant varieties from brands like Indomie, as well as Korean ramen noodles, and Samyang noodles to more traditional forms, allowing you to easily create your favourite dishes at home.
To complement the spices and noodles, the range you’ll find at MyJam also offers a selection of Asian sauces and pastes, such as Thai green curry paste, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and Malaysian chilli sauce. Additionally, we offer oils like sesame oil and coconut oil that are widely used. These versatile condiments will elevate your cooking, adding depth and complexity.
We understand that every cuisine has its own staple grains, and our collection has an extensive range to choose from. Explore the flavours of Jasmine rice, Thai rice and more. For those seeking a meat substitute, our soya mince has got you covered. Plus, don't forget to check out our baking essentials, such as rice flour and ground rice, perfect for whipping up mouth-watering desserts.
Tea lovers can indulge in our range of Chinese green teas that you can enjoy as it is, or with some tasty snacks from our selection of crackers such as wasabi crackers and Japanese rice crackers that are perfect for snacking anytime.
To make your meals more enjoyable, our collection features frozen appetisers like vegetable spring rolls that you can quickly and easily prepare. They add the perfect crunch to your meals and are a great way to add more flavour and texture to your dining experience. So, whether you're looking for a quick snack or an appetiser to impress your guests, our collection has got you covered.
At MyJam, we also offer other cultural groceries from Indian & Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Persian cuisines. These are carefully curated to offer our customers access to authentic foods that you won’t be able to find in your local supermarket. You’ll discover all the ingredients and flavours you need to create amazing food.