Buy Cultural Pantry Food At MyJam

Fill your cupboard with our collection of cultural pantry foods at MyJam - the UK’s largest online cultural grocery store - with nationwide delivery.

Our selection of pantry food includes different  kinds of preserved food from jarred food like grape leaves, chickpeas, Makdous, and Roasted Aubergine. to tinned and canned food like fava beans, hummus, tomato sauces, tuna, sardines, canned fruits, coconut milk and more.

If you’re looking for some side dishes that go with every meal then check our huge selection of pickles from pickled cucumber, turnip, lemon, pepper, jalapeno, pickled mixes, and way more. You can also find olives - green, black, pitted and stuffed olives that you can enjoy by themselves, or with your meal and sandwiches.

Another thing  you need to check is our food packets, soups, instant noodles  and dried molokhia, to mixtures like falafel mixture, mashed potato and more. We also have tinned meals like stuffed vine leaves for something easy and quick.

Our selection includes products for popular brands like Sofra, Bodrum, California Garden and more.