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Sheep Fat Leia Halal 250G

Sheep Fat Leia Halal 250G

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This 250g portion of sheep fat comes in a vacuumed packet. It is a great alternative to other cooking fats, such as butter or vegetable oil, and can be used in a variety of recipes including roasts, stews, and sautéed vegetables.

To use sheep fat in your cooking, simply melt it in a pan or microwave and use it as you would any other cooking fat. It is a great addition to savoury dishes, such as stews and roasts, where it adds depth of flavour.

What is Sheep Fat / Leia?
Sheep fat (leia), also known as mutton tallow, is a traditional cooking fat that has been used for centuries. It is made from the fat of sheep.

This pack is certified halal, making it suitable for those following Islamic dietary laws.
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