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Zaitoune Sweets

Zaitoune Mix Baklava 500g

Zaitoune Mix Baklava 500g

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Experience the rich flavours of the Mediterranean with Zaitoune's Mix Baklava. This 500g pack is filled with a variety of delicious baklava pieces. Within each you'll find crispy pastry, chopped nuts, and sweet syrup. Ideal for any occasion, these treats offer a bite of tradition and a burst of delicious taste all the way from Turkey.


  • Wheat flour, pistachios, cashew nuts, sugar, butter, starch, water powder milk, salt, yeast
  • Non-GMO product.
  • Allergen statement: This product might contain wheat gluten, nuts, and dairy products.
  • keep it in a cool and dry place at a temperature between (15 – 20) degrees.
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