Order Mogu Mogu Drinks Online At MyJam 

Order Mogu Mogu Drinks Online At MyJam 

Meet Mogu Mogu, the juice drink that invites you to snack as you sip! With 15 exciting flavours, these refreshing blends feature the unique addition of chewable nata de coco, promising a delightful twist that everyone will enjoy. 

Mogu Mogu is a sensation that swept through Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Philippines. And it’s now making waves in the UK. It’s all thanks to the drink's uniquely chewable nata de coco. Every gulp is also a bite – a treat that's not just tantalising, but is also light on calories.

Dive into the Mogu Mogu flavour rainbow.

Discover a burst of flavours. Whether you're in the mood for tropical mango, passionfruit, or pina-colada, or you fancy the juicy goodness of grape, lychee, or blackcurrant, there's a Mogu Mogu flavour just for you. And, for those who have a soft spot for classics, apple, orange and coconut are all available too. But that's not all. With melon, watermelon, strawberry, peach, pink guava and pineapple flavours to choose from too, you're simply spoiled for choice.

Your Mogu Mogu Fix at MyJam

No need to hunt for Mogu Mogu juice drinks  in the stores. Get your Mogu Mogu favourites effortlessly online at MyJam, making your grocery shopping all the more exciting and convenient! Join in the fun, snack and sip with Mogu Mogu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mogu Mogu drink?

Mogu Mogu is not just a drink, it's a chewy sensation! A delightful fusion of tantalising juice and chewy nata de coco bites. Best served chilled, it's a tropical treat that kids and adults adore. With 15 different flavours Mogu Mogu is a perfect thirst-quencher to enjoy any time of the day.

Is Mogu Mogu halal?

Oh, absolutely! Sip and chew with confidence, because Mogu Mogu is halal-certified. It’s pure tropical fun for everyone!

How many Mogu Mogu flavours are there?

Dive into tropical bliss with 15 fun-tastic flavours! From the tangy twist of mango and the sweetness of strawberry, to the exotic allure of lychee and the deep burst of blackcurrant there’s lots of great options to choose from. 

Overwhelmed by the choices and can't make up your mind? Get a taste and experience more from Mogu Mogu with the 24 bottle selection pack!

Where is Mogu Mogu from? 

Originating from the vibrant heart of Thailand, Mogu Mogu is a sensation that has swept through Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Philippines. Now, it's also making waves in the UK!